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At Restless Development, we have hundreds of thousands of young people in our network with the power and potential to protect their communities against COVID-19.

Young people make up the majority of almost every community in the developing world, and they are the key to stopping this pandemic. We are providing resources to young people so that they can champion life-saving behaviour to their peers, stop the spread of dangerous misinformation and build resilient communities to curb the spread of this pandemic.

We are mobilising the biggest youth generation in history to take action, but we need your support.

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Stop the Spread of the Virus

Ramlat is part of our Girls Let's Be Leaders programme in Tanzania. With support from Restless Development, these girls are coming together to make face masks to help protect people from the virus.


Build Resilient Communities

Young people are more connected now than ever and can easily influence each other with knowledge and practices that can help change people's attitudes and perceptions. 


Stop dangerous misinformation


The spread of COVID-19 has been matched by the spread of fake news and misinformation which can be harmful and dangerous. For example, the spread of misinformation in Iran has resulted in hundreds of deaths from people drinking methanol in the hope of curing the virus. 


Together we can help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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