From the July 14th young people are coming together to take part in the #TriThisAtHome challenge – virtually traveling around the whole world - 40,075km - to tackle COVID-19 globally.

Challenge yourself and your friends to run, cycle or walk famous landmarks around the world - from the Pyramids to Mount Everest! Your individual efforts will contribute to our grand total and help us together travel the entire world. Vital funds that you raise will ensure that young people and communities most affected by COVID-19 have the best possible chance to fight back and come through this pandemic.


How do I get involved?


Pre-register, sign up here and select your world challenge


On the 14th July, we'll notify you to download the TriThisAtHome app


Complete your challenge and donate to our JustGiving page


You will receive virtual rewards along the way to keep you motivated and learn fun facts on the locations we are travelling to together.

Challenge 3 friends to complete a challenge - you have until the 25th of August. Get active and get involved, because together we can make a huge difference.


Listen to our incredible podcast hosted by Teen Tips. 

Jim Sewell, founder of the Schools Triathlon, spoke with Alicia Drummond, the founder of TeenTips about Restless Development, why we created #TriThisAtHome and how you can get involved.